Japanese Seaweed Powder 25g

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  • Japanese Seaweed Powder 25g
  • Japanese Seaweed Powder 25g
  • Japanese Seaweed Powder 25g
  • Japanese Seaweed Powder 25g


Japanese Seaweed Powder 25g (5 Sachets of 5g)

Traditional Japanese Seaweed hair wash. Seaweed was first used by wives of the Japanese Samurai and rich merchants and has since been used by Japanese for hundreds of years to care for their luxurious, silky smooth hair. It is believed to help reverse greying and hair loss, restores damaged hair, volumes up thin or limp hair, makes coarse hair soft and manageable. The seaweed powder mix nourishes hair, and adds brilliance and shine as it supplies essential nutrients to hair and scalp, and treats split ends and dry hair

Seaweed is a rich source of calcium, magnesium and iron as well as being very high in iodine. According to numerous studies, iodine deficiency plays a significant role in improving dry hair, thinness, poor hair growth and hair loss.

How to use:

  1. Add the powder to a cup
  2. Add hot water and stir until powder is dissolved
  3. Let the mixture cool down before using
  4. Massage the mixture slowly into your hair and on your scalp as you would with regular shampoo, then rinse
  5. Can be used in conjunction with any shampoo.
  6. Size: 5 sachets - each containing 5g 
  7. Ingredients: Endocladiaceae-kelp (seaweed)
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