Clubman Moustache Beard Wax

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  • Clubman Moustache Beard Wax
  • Clubman Moustache Beard Wax
  • Clubman Moustache Beard Wax
  • Clubman Moustache Beard Wax
  • Clubman Moustache Beard Wax
  • Clubman Moustache Beard Wax
  • Clubman Moustache Beard Wax


Clubman Men's Moustache Wax

For Moustaches, Beards and Sideburns. The original Pinaud Clubman Moustache Wax has been famous since 1810 for grooming, styling & colour touch-ups for moustaches, beards and sideburns. This is a temporary wax which lasts all day and then easily washes out. It is regarded as a high quality, excellent performance wax which is easily applied as it is a creamy (but not sticky) formula. The Clubman Moustache Wax is available in different colours as well as neutral, making it ideal for concealing grey hairs.

The Clubman Moustache wax is made with a base of pure beeswax and naturally derived coconut oil, plus specific ingredients to add control, volume and condition. Clubman uses a food grade preservative to minimise the possibility of irritation and skin sensitivity. Application lasts all day and is easily washed out.

Available in 4 different colours: Black, Neutral, Brown and Chestnut. (Select the appropriate colour when ordering).


  • Excellent for training new moustaches, beards, sideburns and controlling unruly hair.
  • Colour touch-up to cover gray or blend in faded or streaked hair.
  • Keeps bushy eyebrows in place.
  • Greaseless....pleasantly scented.
  • Water soluble...washes out easily.
  • Tube can be sealed and reused.
  • Contains a comb/ brush for easy application.

Size: (14g / 0.5 oz)

Directions: Apply a small amount of Moustache Wax directly on hair. Comb through and style. Use brush side for final grooming.

Ingredients: Beeswax, Water, Potassium Aleate, Potassium Palmit

Recommended and used by Swasie Turner MBE: "I have tried this product and found it to be extremely efficient and can strongly recommend it to those who are keen to grow and train facial hair."

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3 Reviews

  • 5

    Great product

    Posted by Sarah on 25th Nov 2020

    I bought this and had it sent to my Dad who had grown his first really long beard and moustache through lockdown and "2020"! He was finding his moustache was getting out of control and dipping in his tea

  • 5

    Freshman having harsh Kish

    Posted by kevin dennington on 12th May 2020

    Barb with me CBS and to McNish an in me so if changes so

  • 4

    First impressions are good! Maybe need a little longer to see full results...

    Posted by Robin Deione on 13th May 2017

    I have a VERY stubborn moustache which I've always kept short as it sticks out in every direction but down. After reading a few blogs I wanted to try and grow it out and was enlightened by the world of moustache wax (which I never knew previously existed). Clubman kept popping up as the one to go for to tame unruly moustaches so decided to buy it. The wax itself has a pleasant smell (which is great for putting under your nose) and is easily applied using the applicator and comb. It's not greasy or stiff, is comfortable to wear and easily comes out when you wash your face or take a shower. I'm two weeks into growing my tash and my hear is being very stubborn, but slowly it does seem to moving into place with application of the wax and constant combing. Apparently worse is yet to come around the 3 week mark, so it's yet to be decided if the wax is fully doing it's job, but does seem to be helping. At £4.99 it was worth a shot and maybe I should write again after 6 weeks (when a tash is apparently fully grown). I would recommend this product but would possibly advise that if your moustache is anything like mine, it'll be a working process to tame the tash. So do not to expect imminently amazing results but a feeling that the wax is doing something rather than nothing.

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