​How to properly care for a beard

​How to properly care for a beard

Beards are at the core of defining your facial structure, shaping your cheeks and jawline hence forming your most important features. However, it's not always as simple as trimming your beard when it gets a bit too scraggly; there are many ways to care and nourish your beard in order to keep it not only strong and bold, but healthy and long lasting.

Unfortunately, you can't just use normal shampoo and conditioner to clean your beard as scalp hair products are designed for thinner, longer strands, and not the coarser ones, hence a normal shampoo and conditioner won’t thoroughly clean a beard and can leave it feeling greasy or irritable. A beard shampoo and conditioner would therefore be recommended as the beard can have tougher hair follicles, so beard products are thicker and contain more absorbent ingredients. Specifically we would suggest Beauty and the Bees Shampoo Bar and Conditioner, as not only are they rich in olive and castor oil, but they are 100% natural and also more sustainable for the environment.

Furthermore, your beard should be cared for often, so it's recommended that you invest in a good quality beard comb/brush in order to touch your beard up in the mornings and before going out and to keep on top of any stragglers. A nice pair of scissors would also be ideal for sharpening the edges of your beard. 

11th Jul 2022

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