Bakblade Foldable DIY Back Hair Razor - Black

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  • Bakblade Foldable DIY Back Hair Razor - Black
  • Bakblade Foldable DIY Back Hair Razor - Black


We are an Authorised BaKblade Retailer. When purchasing from us you can be rest assured you are receiving an authentic product with easy access to replacement blades. All backed up by great customer service!

This is the new 2022 foldable version of the original baKblade 1.0. When it folds, the razor fits in a box measuring....

The BaKblade is an excellent quality back hair remover which is designed specifically to remove men's back hair easily and without fuss. The Bakblade's technology is patented with a 4 inch blade and unique teeth, resulting in a quick and smooth shave. You can use this razor wet or dry, with or without a shaving cream. Conveniently, it is a DIY (do it yourself) razor, making it easy for you to achieve a hair-free back with or without assistance. You should be able to remove all back hair within 5-10 minutes.

Not only does the BaKblade shaver cut close, but having a large 4" wide blade allows the razor to work on a larger surface area. The razor itself weighs just 90 grams so it is light weight and slightly curved, making it easy to use even on hard to reach areas. The blades last on average 2 months can easily be removed and replaced, simply by sliding in and out of the handle.

Each purchase of the Bakblade comes with the blade so it is ready to use. Replacement blades can be purchased from us.

Dimensions when fully extended: 29.5 x 15 x 4.5cm.


  • New Snap-on Handle Design
  • Quick and easy to use; easy to clean
  • Cost effective when compared to salon treatments
  • Convenient (no recharging, no noise, no moving parts)
  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting blades


Whether you are wet shaving or dry shaving, we highly recommend using SKINtastic cream either before shaving (to provide a protective layer between your skin and the shaver blades) or after shaving to soothe and heal your skin. If you suffer from shaving bumps or ingrown hairs then we would also recommend you use Power Shave immediately after shaving your back. You can purchase either product at a deeply discounted price when you purchase it along with your BaKblade.

You can also use Kalo hair inhibitor to gradually reduce hair growth.

Dimentions: 29.5 x 15 x 4.5cm.

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