Do I Need a Nose/Ear Hair Trimmer?

Do I Need a Nose/Ear Hair Trimmer?nose-ear-hair-1-.gif

A modern day solution to an age old forgotten (often overlooked) problem!

Interesting Facts About Nose/Ear Hair

Nose hair grows at the same rate as the rest of your body hair. While we all get a regular hair cut, the vast majority of us do nothing about unsightly nose/ear hair!

Like hair on your head, the amount of hair you have growing out of your nostrils is determined largely by genetics and testosterone. Generally, adult nasal hair grows at a rate of approximately 0.35 mm per day? That's over 1 cm per month. Most people attempt to trim away visible nose hair with a pair of scissors - a very dangerous activity indeed!

Men tend to have hairier noses than women and some ethnic groups suffer more than others. Even the baldest man can have a pair of nostrils which look as though they sniff barbers floors for kicks. We have hair in our nose to aid our senses of smell and taste.

The tongue can only differentiate between four basic tastes, such as acid and sweetness. Slow moving air, trapped in a maze of hair, facilitates the perception of aromas. The hair also helps to heat up cold air as it is inhaled through the nose, avoiding spasm of the lungs. Ingeniously, it also removes the heat of exhaled air, returning it to the blood system.

Not that any of this makes you feel any better when your partner tells you to go and comb your nose. Cutting the hairs with electric nasal hair trimmers appears to stimulate faster growth. Pulling them out by the roots not only causes inflammation of the nasal mucosa, it also makes your eyes water. But then again, you don't want nose hair that reaches your upper lip either...

How Do I Know if I Have a Nose/Ear Hair Problem?

Even though nose/ear hair is an unattractive distraction, it's unlikely that even our best friends or family would feel comfortable telling us about it. Look at yourself in the mirror. If from a straight on or profile view, you can see nose/ear hair then you should consider using a nose /ear hair trimmer.

What is a Nose/Ear Hair Trimmer I Hear You Ask?

Nose and ear hair trimmers are mechanical devices with rotary or oscillating blades which are specifically designed to trim nose and ear hair without nicking or cutting the nose membrane or sensitive areas of the ear.

A nose/ear hair trimmer is a safe, painless, and an effective method of quickly trimming nose/ear hair. When performed properly, trimming your nose/ear hair is no more painful than getting a regular hair cut.

Should I Pluck or Trim?

You should only trim nose and ear hair. Delicate membranes in these sensitive areas can be damaged by plucking. Ideally, you should trim the hair so it is out of sight. Any more than that and you may end up doing irreparable damage.

Which Nose/Ear Hair Trimmers are Best?

We recommend the Groom Mate range, particularly the Platinum XL and Lady Groom Mate. They require no batteries and come with Lifetime guarantee. Battery operated trimmers are typically guaranteed for 1 year and will last until an electric component breaks down.

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